Trexler Nature Preserve

Vertical Change: 
endless rolling hills
Aerobic Level: 

This new trail system in Trexler Nature Preserve is being designed and constructed by Valley Mountain Bikers.

These trails are completely different than any other trail system in the Lehigh Valley. The trails have no rocks and ride very fast, with some rollers built into the trails. These trails drain extremely well and can be ridden immediately following rainfall. The terrain is a series of rolling hills, so there is a good amount of elevation change if you want it, or it can be ridden with not much elevation change.

Please keep in mind that Trex is a work in progress and is dependent solely on VMB volunteer effort. We started constructing the trails in October 2008, and expect the work to continue through 2012 for the first phase. Future phases are dependent on developing a core group of local riders interested in expanding the trail system. If you like what you see, or have ideas to improve the trails - please get involved, additional volunteer help is always appreciated.

Refer to the trail map (PDF file above) to identify completed trails, and trails that are in the construction and planning phases - we will do our best to keep the map up to date as the work proceeds.

North Range Parking Area is located off of Mill Creek Rd, shown below.