Nockamixon State Park

Singletrack , more trails planned
Vertical Change: 
Minimal, constant rolling terrain
Aerobic Level: 

9 miles of trail are completed.

Beginner/intermediate to advanced trails in a somewhat stacked loop construction. The further from the trailhead the more difficult the trails.

The Northern Loops
Beginner ride less than 2 miles. Start at the trailhead and follow the trail north(to the right) to the access road and turn back (access road goes back up to the parking area). Gently rolling terrain, no log overs, minimal rocks and roots. A beginner skills area is planned for this trail.

Advanced beginners can follow the trail across the access road and down to the lakeside trail headed back south. (There are some short rocky sections, steeper hills, a few creek crossings which can be slippery when wet and some roots to go over) follow the lakeside trail to the first cove where you will cross a creek, you can go left after the creek and left again to cross the creek and head to the trailhead. Or for a longer ride, go right up hill a few hundred yards and make a left which will take you back towards to the trailhead.

The Southern Loops
Intermediate/advanced riders can leave the trailhead and go at it. I prefer going counter-clockwise hitting the northern loop first as described above. Continue following the lakeside trail. There are a couple short steep gully crossings some roots and maybe a log over till you get to the second cove. Cross the sidewalk (a stream crossing) and follow the trail along the lake to the gate. Cross the access road and continue along the trail. DO NOT GO BEYOND THE GATE ONTO THE DAM BREAST THIS AREA IS OFF LIMITS. This trail will take you downhill crossing some nasty gullies, rocks and log overs to south park road where the trail turns left. This section of trail is up/down, twisty, rocky, smooth, rolly polly, open woods, thick cedars, big pines with a kaleidoscope of terrain and enchanted by Gnomes. Cross the access road and head back home.

Trail map

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