High Rocks - Tohickon Valley Park

Varying from rocky and technical to rolling singletrack.
Vertical Change: 
500 +- elevation change on over 7 miles of trail
Aerobic Level: 
Tinicum Township , Bucks County

High Rocks is a semi-technical 7 mile loop. Riders either start at Tohickon Valley Park on Cafferty Rd or the High Rocks parking lot on Tory Rd. High Rocks is popular with climbers as there is a more than 100 ft climbing face very near the parking lot on Tory Rd.

A google maps link to the Tory Rd. parking lot can be found here.

The main trail is blazed with a green blaze with a red circle within.(yea theres a lot of mushrooms growing in the area).(Trail markings are spotty at best. Eagle scouts are working on improving that). Start at Tory and ride the trail to the right towards Stover Park Rd. Once hitting the road, make a right and look for the trail on the left. You will then see a Y and take the right and upper trail which will wind around and eventually return to the Y via the lower trail. Cross Stover Park Rd again and ride back past the parking lot on the same trail the ride began on.

Stay on the single trail for a bit and keep towards the lower/right hand sections for this part. Some good rocky dropoffs going down towards the Tohickon can be found here. After a significant downhill, go to the left and follow the trail across a dry creek crossing and up a steep uphill. Follow the main trail for another couple miles of rolling trail with occasional blazes. You will encounter one more significant rocky uphill which will take you to the campgrounds at Tohickon Valley Park. Make a left at the top and find a gravel road into the heart of the campgrounds.

The trail back to Tory Rd can be found between campsite's 21 and 22 at the end of the gravel Rd.

Alternatively, the ride can be started at Tohickon Valley Park.