Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Mix of sandy hardpack with rocky and loam sections. The mountain generally drains well.
Vertical Change: 
510 ft. with several sustained climbs
Aerobic Level: 

The old saying "What goes up must come down" is so true at BC. The resort is a ski destination that also offers technical mountain biking in the warmer seasons. The trail is a loop that covers the entire perimeter of the resort property with some smaller sub-loops on the upper sections of the mountain. No matter whether you ride it clockwise or counterclockwise half of the ride is going up and the rest is going down. Most locals ride in the clockwise direction to take advantage of the "Ski Slope Climb" where the pitch goes straight up one of the ski trails for about 100-150 yards; and to use downhill momentum to negotiate several tight switchbacks. BC is littered with babyheads and rim benders. The staff at the resort does an excellent job of keeping things fresh and well maintained. Even though the distance of the outer most loop is just a bump more than 5 miles, it is a hearty 5 miles of rough terrain. Most intermediate riders will have a blast on the downhill side, but the climb may leave their legs and lungs screaming for mercy. Advanced riders can expect to finish the loop in under an hour. Details about the resort can be found online at The trailhead is located across the road from the sign-in kiosk located in the second parking lot above the pond. Presently, there is no bike shop on the property so arrive prepared with tubes, tools, and a pump.