Jim Thorpe Help

I was looking to go to JT this weekend w/ my neighbor who's trying to get back into MTB and I need some trail help.

I always park @ the lake and ride/walk the lung buster to the top and then head east through the strip mine to the over look on pisgah mt. Bomb down the hill to town and then back up to the lake.

Could I park over @ summit hill and make that ride a little longer to Mt. Pisgah? I think I remember a group of you starting there last year. If so where should I park?

Also, is there any other decent single track to hit? It seems there are just a lot of fire/ATV roads out there? My neighbor is a big motor head and I can hear him now...why are we riding bikes when we could be riding ATVs. :rant:

Thanks a bunch. :thumbsup: