Nockamixon State Park- Updates

Flagging of the new trails and reroutes of the existing trail along the lake has begun. Dan Hudson from Trail Solutions and I have been out a few times flagging possible trail corridors, these flagged trails are by no means the final trail and I'm sure they will be tweaked as they are revisited.

Anyone who would like to check them out and provide input would be greatly appreciated. The trail-head starts at the parking area at Tower and Fink roads. Follow the pink trail flags south from the parking area, the flags will split up with the upper trail north going to the right and the upper trail south going left before the first creek crossing.

Not all areas have been flagged yet, the area near the dam is next on the list and I haven't been in that area since the fall when we flagged it. That being said I found a pile of flags and tape by the gate at the Dam...seems like someone may have pulled our flags :?