American Standard- is there only one urinal in the whole place?

Today I went for my first Jim Thorpe area excursion. I intended to do the "Broad Mountain Loop", I got a map from a little bike shop up there, and followed the directions. It told me to park at the second parking lot on 93, and from there, things went downhill, as it was very vague about which state park entrance I was supposed to use to get to the trail.

I picked the one right across the street from the parking lot, and headed about 3 miles straight on that access road, only to come to the conclusion that perhaps I was not on the right path.

So, instead of trying to figure out the stupid directions from the bike shop, I just decided to veer off to the left off of that road when I saw some trails.

I kept going for about 4 miles, just winding around on what was mostly rocky singletrack. Then I stumbled upon this:

...and I thought "Hmm maybe I stumbled onto American Standard." Anyways at that point I turned around cuz there were no more white markers on the trees that I could find, and I was alone and lost my sense of direction at that point.

So I get back to the car, and these Russian dudes from NYC just got back, and they were saying they were on American Standard, and I ask them where that is, and they said it was north of the access road I started out on.

Which makes me wonder who was mistaken, cuz I was definitely south of the access road (Fireline Rd i think it is called), and they were north of it.

So I search online for a random picture of someone at American Standard:

...and it appears that it is the same urinal I saw? The tree looks the same too. Haha I think I'm gonna get a GPS