VMB Secures a Visit from the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew

The International Mountain Bicycling Association's (IMBA) Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew will be at Trexler Nature Preserve the weekend of September 19 & 20 to talk trails, to teach people proper trailbuilding technique, and spend quality time digging in the dirt. Everyone is invited to attend the weekend's events.

The award-winning Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew program includes two full-time, professional teams of trail experts who travel North America year-round, leading IMBA Trailbuilding Schools, meeting with government officials and land managers, and working with IMBA-affiliated groups to improve mountain biking opportunities. IMBA's Crews have led more than 1,000 trail projects since the program debuted in 1997.

The Crews teach "sustainable" trailbuilding, which means building trails that last a long time and require minimal maintenance. This helps reduce trail damage, protects the environment, and enhances visitor enjoyment.

Most Trail Care Crew visits last four days, allowing time to assess local trails, host an evening event at a bike shop, conduct a two-day Trailbuilding School, and ride with the locals.

The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew program has inspired great volunteer trailwork across the U.S. and abroad - a big help to government agencies and land managers who have limited funding for trail construction and upkeep.

All are welcome to join the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew public events when they come to town. Below is a preliminary schedule, we'll update this information as the details become more clear:

Thursday: They want a solid half day to hike the land.
Thursday night: Can be a group ride and social after.
Friday: more hiking, riding. They can also host a "Club Care Workshop" that teaches the Club how to effectively administer volunteer organization.
Saturday AM: Classroom workshop
Saturday PM: Hands on trail building
Sunday: Trail building and ride.