Nockamixon State Park / Haycock Mountain

Kenny and I met with Obie Derr this morning. The meeting went as well as we could expect. The first thing he agreed was that equestrians and mtn bikers need separate trail systems. And that his trail system was in shambles at Nox.

He just came from Moraine State Park. He apparently had some promises there from mtn bikers to build trails, but it fell short. Then PORC came in en force and did some good work and maintains a presence there. So he was happy to hear that VMB and PORC are similar and have similar potential.

He suggested we put together a master plan and submit it to him. He would have to take it up the ladder and get it approved. He (and we) will also want an adjoining State Game Land included. So he gave us that contact info as well.

His concerns seemed to be the wetter areas surrounding the south shore of the lake and ongoing maintenance.

Those interested in developing this Park will need to do some hiking .

We told Obie that our plan is long term and we are just beginning the process now.

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