Welcome 2017 Board Members

Meet the New Board

The new board is the same as the old board, and we couldn’t be more excited. These five individuals have devoted a ton of time and effort to making VMB stronger and to improve our trails. Our 2017 board members are, with the trail systems they ride most frequently: Eric Dunlap (top left, Salisbury Walking Purchase Park); Jon Roth (top center, Nockamixon); Stavros Gougoustamos (far right, South Mountain Emmaus and Jordan); Lisa Ronca (bottom left, Sals); and Jim Kerchner (bottom center, Trex Nature Preserve). 

Our board is crucial to our growth and success. They are responsible for making sure VMB stays on mission and continues to provide safe and exciting experiences for the mountain bike community. THey also are some of the hardest working volunteers we have. In addition to leading trail work effort at Trex, Nox, and other places, they are deeply involved in applying for (and winning!) grants, fundraising, and putting on events--from the Steel City Enduro to Take a Kid Mountain Biking. We're stoked that these five outstanding people--all excelling leaders committed to VMB--will continue to guide our efforts for another year. If you see them on the trail (or anywhere else, make sure to give them a high five. Or even better, donate to VMB and support the cause.