VMB receives prominent invitation

VMB has received an invitation to have a seat on the Open Space Committee for the next phase of the Bethlehem Greenway project. The initial phase of the Greenway has been fully planned and is expected to be completed this summer. So they are transitioning to the next phase, which will focus on connecting the Greenway with other open spaces in the area. The Open Space Committee has many prominent people from local organizations and government; such as the Sierra Club, The Wildlands Conservancy, Arts Quest, City of Bethlehem, and more.

This is a tremendous honor for our club, and a tribute to everyone that has helped to build our club into what it is today. Every VMB member, past and present, can be proud that your efforts have taken our club to a new level of recognition.

I do not have many details at this time, but wanted to at least share the news with everyone. The first meeting that VMB will attend is on March 18th, which should provide more details on the project.

If you are interested in more information now, here is a link (not sure how up to date the information is though):