VMB December 2016 members/election Meeting Minutes

                                                                                                            Valley Mountain Bikers
                                                                                                   Minutes for December 2016
The annual December members meeting of The Valley Mountain Bikers was held on Thursday December 15th at 7:00pm at Saucon Valley Bikes, 824 Main st Hellertown PA. 
There were 65 members present, in addition to guests from Community Bike Works.  
Officers in attendance:
Andrew Budick, President
Louis Mazzante, Vice President
Jason Shivok, Treasurer
Board Members in attendance:
Eric Dunlap, Stavros Gougoustamos, Jim Kerchner, Lisa Ronca, Jon Roth
Andrew Budick called the meeting to order at 7:24pm and introduced officers and welcomed members.
Jason Shivok provided the treasurer's report:
$32,045.78, $10,650.00 of which is reserved for Rivers Edge Bike Park.
Jason Shivok reported that the current membership stands at 216.
Andrew Budick introduced Dave Przekurat of Community Bike Works and presented him the floor.  
Dave explained Community Bike Work's current mission of providing kids with bikes and introducing them to cycling.  He also stated their wishes to expand to teaching and encouraging mountain biking. 
Trail Reports:
  • Sals update provided by Lisa Ronca. Current ongoing sunday work parties improving small sections.
  • Trex update provided by Jim Kerchner.  Killdozer is closed permanently, please stop riding.  Formal trail crew is taking shape and becoming organized.  "Trexler Trail Care Crew" There are ongoing improvements to Half Pipe 1.
  • South Mt Emmaus update provided by Mark Bowman.  The Wildlife Conservancy approved a new 1.8 mile trail to replace the Log Trail.  First work day is scheduled for Sunday Dec. 18th to remove brush from the corridor.
  • Jordan update provided by Scott Mulvaney.  Post storm debris clearing the workers have stayed in touch via social medial on the new Jordan facebook page as well as a volunteer page.  The new section built for NICA was a success.  A detailed map is in the works via Josh Gellock.  Mike Venturini added that the County has a master plan for the park and that should be taking shape and improvements will be seen shortly.
  • Jacobsburg update provided by Michael Prentice.  There was a large turnout from the mountain bike community for the November 19th work party organized with the park and equestrian user group.  They completed the bridge widening planned for the group and also installed grade reversals in an erosion prone area.
  • Nox update provided by Jon Roth.  There is an Eagle Scout project to replace the 563 kiosk underway with a future project in the planning stages for a fence along Fink Dr at Tower lot.  Work continues fixing drainage issues.  Gofundme for pavilion launched.  Noxtoberfest was a success and brought in $4193.00.
2017 Officer elections
Jason Shivok reintroduced himself to the membership and is running unopposed.
Eric Mansfeld introduced himself and is running unopposed.
Vice President nominees Eric Dunlap followed by Matt Reimert took the floor and gave their election speeches.
Presidential nominees Louis Mazzante and Andrew Budick each made their election statements.
Last call for ballots at 8:15pm.
Jon Roth tallied the ballots and the count was checked and confirmed by Eric Mansfeld.
Final tally for president was 37 votes for Louis Mazzante and 28 votes for Andrew Budick.
Final tally for vice president was 33 votes for Matt Reimert and 31 votes for Eric Dunlap.
2017 officers: 
Louis Mazzante President
Matt Reimert Vice President
Jason Shivok Treasurer
Eric Mansfeld Secretary
Andrew Budick closed the meeting at 8:30 with the next meeting date to be determined.
Minutes presented by:
Eric Mansfeld