VMB 2017 Board Member Nominations--Now Open!

UPDATE: Board Nominations are now closed. Member confirmation votes are running through March 31 in the Members Lounge

VMB members, the term of our current board will close at the end of the month, and it's up to you to nominate members to serve on the 2017 board. Our board is responsible for ensuring VMB fulfils its mission, provide strategic leadership and strong governance, especially making sure we're financially responsible and compliant with the requirements of our non-profic status. It's an important role that requires a significant amount of work (yeah, it's more than bike riding and beer drinking, though we do that too) and we need members who have the time, dedication, and experience necessary to lead us through 2017.

I believe our current board is one of the strongest we've had, and I've asked them each to consider returning, however we may have one or two seats that need filled. Plus, I believe the board needs to represent all of members and hope we receive a ton of new and diverse nominations. I encourage any member who is interested to nominate themselves or to suggest to us another member. We want positive leaders, who know the local riding scene, and have the time and experience to lead us in fundraising, membership development, event organization, recreational trail management, and other key areas. 

Board nominations will be open through Sunday, March 19. Use the Google form below to make yours. Please include your name and contact info, the nominees name and contact info, and also a few sentences on why you believe the nominee would be a valuable VMB board member. 




Photo: Mal Schulstad