UPDATE: Trexler Map with Killdozer Closure and Reroute

At the end of last week, contractors resumed clearing autumn olive from Trexler. They're beginning with the area around Killdozer. As we expected, that trail is now permanently closed. With respect to the effort that went into planning and construction of that trail, and the blast we've had ripping down it, please remain off it—it's now considered a closed trail and there will be heavy machinery on it during AO removal.

During this time, Brian's trail will also be temporarily closed from the end of Killdozer to where ti meets with the Tear Drop Trail (see map below). The rest of Trexler remains open to riding and we continue to work with the the County, Wildlands, and other parties to plan and construct a replacement trail. Planning for that will happen after the AO removal is complete (anticipated late fall or early winter), with possible funding for construction coming from the county. We also hope to improve sections of the Border Trail and revisit with park master plan to identify additional trail improvementes and opportunities. The loss of Killdozer stings, I know, but it's a short-term loss and the long-term future of mountain biking at Trexler is exciting. 

Enjoy the rest of the great trails at Trex.