January 2017 Board Meeting minutes

Valley Mountain Bikers’ January 2017 Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes


A meeting of the Board of The Valley Mountain Bikers was held on January 26th 2017 at Braveheart Highland Pub located at 430 Main st Hellertown PA 18055

Board Members in attendance:

Eric Dunlap, Chairman

Stavros Gougoustamos

Jim Kerchner

Jon Roth

Officers in attendance:

Lou Mazzante, President

Matt Reimert, Vice President

Jason Shivok, Treasurer

Eric Mansfeld, Secretary

Additional members in attendance:

Rich Butz

Jeff French

Greg Horwath

Lou Mazzante called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm and handed the chair to Eric Dunlap.

1. Welcome and introduction of new members, followed by a brief discussion of Eric Dunlap’s wishes to follow Robert’s Rules of Order pertaining to meeting etiquette.

2. Treasurer’s report. Jason Shivok reported the current balance is $38,463.86, with $14,650 in Rivers Edge Escrow, leaving the working balance at $23,813.86.

3. Reading of the Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting held on 12-15-2016 were presented. Matt Reimert motioned to accept the minutes as presented, Lou Mazzante seconded, motion passed unanimously.

4. No old business.

5. New business

  • The 2017 budget was presented and explained by Lou Mazzante, discussion followed. An additional $1500 was added to the budget to provide signage at all systems. Lou Mazzante motioned to accept the budget as amended, Jon Roth seconded, motion passed unanimously.
  • 2017 Officer and Board agenda were presented, following a brief discussion about building trust between trail crews and land managers, Jon Roth added “establishing formal governmental liaison” to the agenda. Lou Mazzante motioned to accept amended agenda, Jason Shivok seconded, motion passed unanimously.
  • A new VMB waiver for members, trail building volunteers, and event participants etc. was presented. After agreement to add language to paragraph 2. about trail building, Jason Shivok motioned to accept the amended waiver, Matt Reimert seconded, motion passed unanimously.
  • Jason Shivok made a motion to spend up to $250.00 a year for docu-sign for waivers, Lou Mazzante seconded, motion passed unanimously.
  • Eric Dunlap presented the case for determining more concrete roles for the board members. Particularly by pursuing Boardsource and having a board audit done. The members presented their questions for Boardsource and Eric Dunlap and Lou Mazzante volunteered to obtain more information so the board can make a determination.
  • Lou Mazzante made a motion to pursue a DCNR grant for a new trail to replace Killdozer at Trexler, Eric Mansfeld seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.
  • Committee for grant writing was formed, Lou Mazzante and Matt Reimert volunteered to be members.
  • Committee for fundraising was formed, Jim Kerchner and Jason Shivok volunteered as members.
  • The VMB Risk Management Plan was presented and reviewed. Matt Reimert made a motion for the board to endorse it and present it to the membership, Jon Roth seconded, motion passed unanimously.

6. Open discussion:

  • Jon Roth requested Steel City Enduro dates to coordinate with Reeb and other parties. Jason Shivok confirmed the date to be June 25th.
  • Lou Mazzante reported that Jacobsburg Park wishes to host a Take a Kid Mt. Biking day on September 23rd.
  • Jon Roth reported that Nockamixon St Park office does not have a copy of MOU needed to update VMB’s insurance co records. Greg Horwath reported he may have a copy and will attempt to locate it. If not a replacement will need to be drafted.
  • The board agreed that the meeting venue was adequate for future board meetings.

Eric Dunlap adjourned the meeting at 9:15 pm.

Prepared by,

Eric Mansfeld, Secretary