Cheers to VMB's Newest Board Members

Okay, electing board members might not sound as exciting as say, opening 10 miles of new singletrack, but it's an event worth celebrating. VMB Board members play an integral role in keeping the club rolling along, providing key input and sound advice on how we move forward. And this year's board, approved by our members, is one of our strongest yet.

The Board consists of:

Renee England: Renee is a member of Sals Trail Committee and played a huge role in organizing this year's Steel City Enduro, a key fundraiser for the club that went off without a hitch. If you've ridden Sals or Lehigh lately, you've probably seen Renee out there—she's the one smiling on her new Specialized 29er.

Stavros Gougoustamos: Last year, Stavros was the club's secretary, this year he's stepped up to Board Member and we're lucky to have him. He runs the successful Whitehall Diner on MacArthur Road and brings and entrepreneurial spirit, love of riding, and some pretty damn good cooking to VMB.

Greg Horwath: Everyone knows Greg. He's a longtime member who has been instrumental in developing the trail system at Trex. An insurance ninja, he's kept our butts protected as we build and maintain trails. Spotting Greg riding a bike is like catching a glimpse of the Chupacabra—it's rare, but when it happens it becomes the stuff of legends.

Jon Roth: Jon was the past president of VMB and one of the key trail builders at Lake Nockamixon. He gets more enjoyment out attending city-planning meetings than is healthy. While we're out riding, Jon is usually sitting inside some conference room fighting for more trails, which makes him a valuable asset to the club. He also possesses one of the best beards in the Valley, which he quite possibly uses to intimidate land managers into opening more trails to bikes.

Scott Stortz: Another past president, two-term board member, and holder a whole lot of positions before that, Scott has been involved in guiding VMB for the better part of the past decade. That experience gives Scott valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the club. It also means he's getting a little old, but we won't hold that against him. Scott's also been instrumental in leading the Wednesday night ride, one of VMB's most popular and longest-running group rides.

Thanks everyone who voted for the current Board, and cheers to all the Board Members!