Strava segments in Nox

Dunno how many folks here are on Strava, but Grace and I have been having some fun with it lately. Not only is it a good training tool (to see how you've been progressing with times on segments) but it's fun to see how you stack up to the other folks riding the same segments, and sometimes make a run at getting a KOM.

Since anyone can make a segment on Strava, and Wissahickon is a good demonstration of what a mess that can be, I took it upon myself to create segments for all the major trails in Nockamixon. I kinda figured that if all the major segments were created, and created well (I hoped) then the typical mess of conflicting and duplicate segments (as seen in the Wiss) could be avoided. So far that seems to be the case.

At this point, I've created 9 segments, with a couple more planned.

North (Cold spot and Hammer loops)
Cold Spot CCW:
Cold Spot CW:
Hammer Loop CCW:
Cold Spot and Hammer CCW:

Central: (Haycock Run/Eastern Woods)
Haycock Run downhill:
Connector trail southbound:
Connector trail northbound:
Eastern woods (upper) northbound:

For the south, I only have the one segment for the combined Jaywalk and South Park loops, because I think most everyone rides the whole thing, and this segment matches when it's ridden in either direction:

Segments I still want to do:
Hammer CW
*maybe* Cold Spot and Hammer CW
*maybe* the little bit of Haycock run that isn't the super-sweet downhill.
Eastern Woods (upper) southbound
and very likely, a "full lap" following the preferred directions of the map at the grand opening.
(Tower Rd parking, CS/Hammer, connector, Jaywalk/SP, Eastern Woods, Haycock run lower, Tower Rd parking)

Input? Suggestons? I know Strava's not for everyone, but as long as you don't take it too seriously, it's just another way to have fun on the bike.

Hope to see everyone out there, the trails are fantastic, and the new rework of the EWR trail is beyond awesome. Hats off to the folks who made this happen.