Nox- Numbers on Grand Opening, Parking Lot, Tools, etc

Here are the income and expenses so far from the Grand Opening, Parking Lot Construction and Tool Purchases:

As posted before:

Cutters Bike Raffle and General Raffle: $1390 !!
Saucon Valley Bikes Food Donation: $50 (for food)
Doylestown Bike Works Donation: $500 (for parking lot)
Anonymous Donor: $100 (for parking lot)
EMS Raffle: $106
Highroads Raffle: $58
Food Donations: $692.50 ( for parking lot and stolen Trex tools)
Memberships & VMB goods: $149
Miller Donation $100
Unrecorded cash (dues, etc) $142
Sub Total: $3287.50

Expenses for Grand Opening:
Food: $200

Grand Total Raised at Grand Opening $3087.50

Parking Lot and Tool Expenses

check 229 Lehigh Hanson Quarries $922.52
Stone for Nox Parking
check 231 Cantelmi Hardware $162.79
Trex tools by Scott
check 232 Landis Fence Co $297.50
Fencing for Lot
check 233 Quinby & Sons $340.00
Stone Hauling

Total Remaining $1364.69

New Items Requested:

Trex Trail Crew - 3 Prohoes, tampers,2 landscape rakes, hardware to beef up lockbox.

Nox Trail Crew - 100 Lag Bolts, 1000 4.5" Deck Screws, 200 6" Deck Screws, Extra Long Drill Bits - all for puncheons for EWR and Hammer Trails